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Our consultancy practice -- centered around community and jail transformation -- is a comprehensive approach that involves transforming the community, jail culture and lives of the inmates. When embarking on a transformational journey we have several introductory services to assess your current programs, culture and readiness.

Each of the following services was developed with large jails in mind (>200 beds) but are adaptable to any jail. Each one is intended to help jail leaders begin the journey to transformation.



The most effective way to activate jail transformation is to embrace reentry services. Whether you have never attempted to develop a reentry program at your jail or if you have a program in place, we can help you. Our Readiness Assessment is a short project (2-4 weeks) led by experts with over 20 years of experience in community-based reentry solutions. We will analyze the readiness of your county and jail and provide a customized roadmap for you on how to move forward.



Every jail has some programs and classes in place, but the lingering question remains. Are your programs leading to life-change and reducing recidivism in measurable ways? A key component of jail transformation is programs and classes that impact lives and ultimately reduce crime. We provide program evaluation services from an independent, objective, neutral third-party perspective. We have subject matter experts on hand to evaluate the effectiveness of your current programming. Our consultants balance four perspectives in our work: law enforcement, corrections, academics, and business sense. We will analyze your situation quickly and efficiently; then we deliver clear, concise, and actionable findings and recommendations.



A key component to jail transformation is transforming jail culture, which in turn leads to employee satisfaction and retention. The C4JT research team has developed a survey and process specifically designed for county jails. We believe that you must first identify the core issues before beginning the process of transforming your jail culture. This service is the first step in our Recruiting, Retention, and Resiliency program for county jails.


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