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Advocacy & Policy

C4JT serves as an advocacy and policy “think tank” for state and local policies regarding jail transformation, funding, reentry, collateral consequences, and more. 

We are in the process of developing our first “product”, the State Reentry Policy Pak. It contains legislation templates for a variety of reentry-related issues, including employer liability, landlord liability, felon discrimination in the state licensure process, reintegration as a sentencing goal, and more.

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C4JT primarily exists to be a nonprofit consulting and solutions service for the small jails of America. We do everything possible to keep our services free to these jails. We are flexible across a broad spectrum of topics and solutions. Please complete our “Request For Quote” form and one of our consultants will quickly get back to you. For more details on some specific services we offer, click here.

C3 - Community Coalition Coaching

C4JT offers the C3 program to community stakeholders interested in creating a directory of resources and services for those coming out of jail back into the community. Our experience has been that it costs no money to solve most of the resource needs in your community - it just takes some concerned citizens investing one hour per month to assemble (and keep updated) the Community Resource Directory. 

C4JT provides a free template for the directory and free coaching on putting together the coalition and the directory. Click here to read our blog post on getting started. Then feel free to contact us for more help.

Funding Strategies

One of C4JT’s key services is the development of funding strategies for the jail transformation project. As you have read in the Roadmap To Jail Transformation, there is typically no cost in establishing the project and running the pilot over the first year. But by “Year 2”, we want to help your jail get funding to formally establish the program in a sustainable way and carry on for years to come. 

We have a variety of potential funding sources from grant-writing to social enterprises, but the main thing that we have learned is that first and foremost you need a STRATEGY. In many cases, the whole program can be successful without using any taxpayer dollars! We are excited about discovering with you “God’s plan” for your County! Because when it is His vision, it will have His provision.

Jail Staff Ministry

For a jail to be truly transformed, there must be ministry and support to the staff. Our team will work with your leadership to implement various types of faith-based ministry to your staff. It is usually a mix of media sources, coaching by one of our leaders (often via Zoom), ministry from the local church community, and expanding the chaplaincy resources to cover the staff as well as the inmates.

Our resources include but are not limited to:

The Outrageous Justice Bible Study

The Laws of Life Curriculum

Stressed Out! Strategies for Living and Working in Corrections

Next-Level Chaplaincy

At C4JT, we have a vision of raising up an army of volunteers -- not just church members ministering in the jail -- Christians who see their local jail as the next mission field and themselves as missionaries for Christ! And we take it one step further: we want to train each one to be an effective JAIL CHAPLAIN missionary - one who has specific training for ministering and working in the local jail setting. We believe that this is the NEXT WAVE in missions and we are building a platform for success for those who are called to it!

We have launched the JAIL CHAPLAINCY INSTITUTE and will be posting our progress here, so check back soon.

RSAT Implementation

One of the major keys to success in both Caldwell County, Texas and Sevier County, Arkansas has been the implementation of the residential substance abuse treatment (RSAT) program right in the jail, alongside the other programs and services that we recommend. For those who have substance addiction and abuse as their underlying issue for their criminal behavior, this has been transformational in the results.

The federal RSAT program (read more here) is free and comes with potential funding to implement and maintain the program in your jail! We help connect your project with this amazing resource.

NOTE: We strongly recommend waiting until Year 2 to pursue this program. In our opinion, it is only going to be effective once your transformation project is established, your pilot is complete, and you are able to demonstrate measurable progress at the 12-month mark.

Victim Impact Consulting

C4JT believes there are two primary factors in seeing the poverty-addiction-sin-crime cycle broken: the power of the Gospel of Christ and the teaching of Victim Impact to offenders (whether their crime had a victim or not). Our approach is very inclusive of the voice of the crime victim advocacy community. We have seen many cases where developing empathy for the victim was the turning point in the offender's journey of rehabilitation. 

Our experts are available to help your team integrate victim empathy resources into your program, curricula, and beyond.