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Did you know that the world-famous "The Jesus Film Project" is available for free on the Internet in 1,960 languages? Yes, that's right -- 1,960!

This film is so powerful - more than 490 million people have come to Jesus after watching these films!

The Program: Prison Detox

Go behind bars and behind the scenes for a first-hand look at how one small town is handling the worst drug epidemic in American history and turning the tables on the justice system with THE PROGRAM: PRISON DETOX. This series was filmed in 2021 in Sevier County, Arkansas, showing the amazing transformation that a small jail with a core team of committed staff and volunteers from the community can achieve! It is now streaming on Discovery Plus.

Changing Faces: Sevier County's Original Documentary on Their Amazing Succss

Changing Faces: Sevier County's Original Documentary on Their Amazing Success

Watch the 30-minute documentary that helped launch the Jail Transformation Movement!

God is doing awesome things in this rural county in southwest Arkansas through their jail treatment and recovery program

Great job, Sevier County Sheriff's Department!

Prison Fellowship - Outrageous Justice

Watch this video to learn about a free small-group curriculum designed specifically for local churches to understand the main issues in the American justice system from a biblical viewpoint.