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C4JT publishes periodic updates on our Blog page.


Our Merch page is for ordering handy products that help raise funds for our mininstry. There are T-shirts, coffee cups, hoodies, and more!


One of C4JT's main missions is to round up all of the free curricula relevant to bringing recovery, reform, education, and life skills into your local jail. A robust "programs and services" department is essential for your jail to be "in transformation". We want to help with that in every way possible, at no cost to you!


C4JT provides several downloadable forms that are useful for your Jail Transformation Project.


C4JT has a variety of different video projects under way, which will be posted here as they are produced. In the meantime, enjoy these outstanding productions that inspire us (and hopefully, you!) to serve in the Jail Transformation movement.


Click below to access our growing list of surveys for specific projects and various initiatives.

Tools & Publications

Click below to see our ever-growing list of free tools and publications that will aid you in your jail's journey to transformation.


We are all about training and education! Check out all the free educational courses we have rounded up for jails in transformation.